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We Know What We Need: A Platform for Black Resistance

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A snap election was announced on Sunday, August 15, 2021, at a time when Black communities from coast to coast to coast continue to bear the brunt of the pandemic. When we have built systems to take care of each other because we know our movements do not operate according to election cycles.

Black Lives Matter Canada recognizes this election as an opportunity to make demands and hold politicians accountable for meeting them. As both short term and long term measures, we want to engage with our communities and reiterate what we’ve always stood for. Housing as a right. A safe supply and the decriminalization of drugs. Disability justice. Safety without police. Support for refugees. Freedom for Black people everywhere. We know there are a number of valid reasons for such diverse perspectives on the value of electoral processes for our communities, and that we resist injustice despite/outside of these systems.

We want to make it clear that we would not attempt to convince you otherwise or to encourage you to vote. Instead, we want to invite you to imagine radical changes within and beyond this moment that would support Black people on these lands. We want to collaborate with community to create a platform of demands we’re calling We Know What We Need: A Platform for Black Resistance. The platform will center 5 themes: Black Livelihoods, Black Well-being, Black Safety, Black Love and Black Futures on Indigenous Lands.

Each week, we posed new questions to spur community dialogue. We'd like to thank all that gave their input and we encourage you to stay tuned for the full launch of the platform!

How do you think the 'We Know What We Need' platform will impact your work?

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