Ravin Wngz speech 2020

I just want to add something. We've tried in many different ways to get the attention and the conversation of those in leadership roles and positions. It took us having to do this to get you all to show up. We've been writing letters, we've been creating books, photography, performance art - we've been doing in every single way possible to let you know what we deserve, what we need. And you don't even have to dream it up, we've done the work for you. And so, it's really ridiculous to me that we're still talking about monuments – outrageous.

It's really ridiculous to me that we have to fight for our dignity. You know in the United States there's a saying: life liberty and justice. Black people are still on life - we haven't gotten anything else. And it's in the technology of Blackness that we find abolition, and technology of Black women, right, that we find radical love and intersectionality. The technology of Black trans folks in leadership roles so make sure that you question. And this is not easy work this is not fame work - we're destabilized, we're hyper-surveilled, we're followed. And just like this we need to create a humanity where everyone and everything is allowed to exist because we already do. See white supremacy is creating a society an ideal of a society and using the state to enforce it. And this is what we're fighting against. Before you all became white, you were something else. And we were something else. And we've had to fight in your delusion, your white supremacist delusion, for far too long you're lucky that this is all we did.

You're lucky that we're appealing to your humanity, you're lucky that we're not asking for vengeance or revenge because that's easy. But our love is radical, it's abolitionist, it's a future where each and everybody has what they need, what they deserve, what they want. It's raising a kid who's four years old who's not afraid of the police. Just to remind you of why we're here.